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REIKI is pronounced Ray Key.

REI means UNIVERSAL ... and refers to the spirit and the soul.
KI means VITAL LIFE FORCE ... which flows through all that is alive.

REIKI IS: universal energy ... a spiritual path ... a healing method.. a route to enlightenment.. it is safe to be used at anytime and any place. Universal implies it is common to all purpose, belongs to all people and is applicable to all conditions and situations. There are no contraindications, therefore every person can be treated no matter what the state in which they find themselves in and just by the simple act of placing your hands on yourself, or another person you can release the flow of the REIKI energy via the two energy channels that cross the chest and then into the recipient.

REIKI IS: not a religion, it requires no belief system and embraces all philosophies. Energy or vital life force is the power that animates through all living things. In some cultures it is known as Chi or Prana and it is a smooth flow of energy that results in health and balance within.

REIKI IS: Unique in that it is not the practitioners own energy, therefore there's no danger of the therapist becoming drained or imbalanced as a result of treatment.

REIKI always goes to the most imbalanced or diseased area of the recipient - mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.

REIKI flows along the pathways of the body - the Chakras, Nadis and Meridians - as well as flowing through the aura. It nourishes the body and removes the blockages that may lead to disease. The chakras act as energy transformers. The Nadis distribute the life force and energy of each Chakra into the physical body. Any dysfunction in the Chakras or Nadis therefore has a great effect upon the health of the physical body.

REIKI WILL: Benefit anyone who wishes to take more responsibility for their own healing process and spiritual growth.


I will make sure that the client is happy for me to place my hands on any part of their body. If there is an area they are not comfortable with me touching then I will avoid this area. I will then make sure the recipient is comfortable, relaxed and warm on the treatment couch before I use breathing techniques or a simple visualization of a happy place for the recipient to take their mind of their worries and to open up to the healing energy.

Peoples experiences vary during a treatment, however feelings of deep relaxation are usually felt by all..some people feel cold, whilst others feel heat on the area the hands are placed. I have clients who see lots of bright colours and others feel very emotional. All of which are completely normal. We are all different therefore nobody can guarantee what their experience will be. Be prepared to go with whatever your body needs to...

Susie Hasler reviewed Body & Sole Reflexology and Healing – 5 star
I've had both reflexology and Reiki with Collette and benefited so much from both sessions. I slept better afterwards and Collette has such a vast knowledge of the body and mind. Just fantastic!!!

60 min treatment costs £30

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